15 Best LMS for Partner Training: Train Channel Partners

Not just education but the business landscape has become high-speed, too, today. Here, efficient & effective partnerships are the new success-driving norm.

Did you know? 95% of Microsoft’s commercial revenue comes through its partner ecosystem.

Similarly, for Zoom, channel partners contributed to 40% of its business in Japan. And over 70% of its business with the U.S. Federal Government in 2021.

It’s evident, your company’s success relies on the mastery your partners hold!

This is where an LMS for partner training finds its exceptional use case. In this blog, we’ll explore how to make the most of these revolutionary platforms.

What is meant by Partner Training?

What is meant by Partner Training?

It is a strategic approach to enhance the skills, knowledge & effectiveness of business partners. These include channel partners, distributors, resellers, franchisees or even suppliers.

Businesses provide courses, training programs or educational resources to them. Mostly delivered through an LMS & other methods like workshops, seminars, webinars and hands-on sessions.

The learning outcome/goal is to create well-informed & skilled partner networks. Who can contribute significantly to business growth and success.

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5 Key Benefits of a Partner Training LMS in Business Success

In the world of collaborative growth, partner training programs stand as a cornerstone to overall business success. Let’s explore into its 5 pivotal benefits for achieving business success.

5 Key Benefits of a Partner Training LMS in Business Success

In short, a partner training learning management system is a strategic asset. One that paves the way for sustainable growth and success.

Top 15 Learning Management Systems for Partner Training

Top 15 Learning Management Systems for Partner Training

Studies have shown; about 80% of businesses that partner with other businesses report increased revenue.

Amidst the array of options available in the market today, choosing one can appear challenging. But not with this curated list of the top 15 learning management systems for partner training.



Edmingle is renowned for its user-friendly interface & robust functionality. It offers a comprehensive suite of features & tools alongside key offerings like:

  • Advanced analytical & reporting capabilities

Its a comprehensive platform for businesses looking to track & enhance partner performance. Its trusted by leaders like MIT SDE, McGraw Hill, College Dekho, Law Sikho and more.

2.Easy LMS

Easy LMS

Easy LMS focuses on simplicity and ease of use. It’s excellent for companies looking for a straightforward, no-fuss solution to training their channel partners.

3.Wahoo Learning

Wahoo Learning

Wahoo Learning delivers a comprehensive training experience. It manages the entire partner training lifecycle; from content creation to delivery & reporting.

4.Totara Learn

Totara Learn

It’s designed for corporate training, offering a rich set of LMS features. Its flexibility and scalability make it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Explore in-detail about Edmingle’s scalability & flexibility.

5.Paradiso LMS

Paradiso LMS

Celebrated for its multi-tenant architecture and rich feature set, Paradiso provides a versatile platform. It supports gamification, social learning and a wide range of integrations.

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6.Intellum Platform

Intellum Platform

Intellum is known for its high-end UX and advanced customization options. It’s great for businesses seeking a modern & engaging online learning environment.



This LMS excels in delivering personalized learning experiences. It’s perfect for businesses focusing on microlearning.

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Northpass provides a learner-centric training platform that’s easy to use & customize. It’s ideal for companies looking to deliver seamless & engaging learning programs.



Acadle offers a dynamic learning platform; focusing on automation & user engagement. It’s ideal for businesses looking to streamline their training processes.



Skilljar excels in partner and customer training. Its strong integration capabilities enable businesses to align their LMS with their existing tech stack.



Designed for enterprises, it offers a powerful & flexible learning platform. With robust LMS security features & extensive customization options, its ideal for large organizations.



SkyPrep specializes in providing an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for training management. It effectively streamlines and provides an efficient approach to partner training.



Litmos is a SAP company known for its enterprise-level solution. It offers a scalable and secure platform, making it ideal for larger organizations with complex training needs.



SeekLMS is known for its user-centric design and comprehensive features. Due to its scalability and flexibility, it’s a solid choice for businesses of all sizes.

15.ExpertusONE LMS

ExpertusONE LMS

ExpertusONE is recognized for its innovative and user-friendly platform. It provides an immersive learning experience & is especially effective for mobile learning.

Each of these LMS platforms bring something unique to the table. Whatever your tech stack requirement or training objectives, there’s an LMS to suit your specific needs.

5 Steps to Choose the Best LMS for Partner Training

Now, when we’re versed with the above list of learning management systems. Let’s walk you through the steps to choosing the best LMS for your partner training needs.

5 Steps to Choose the Best LMS for Partner Training

Choosing the best LMS requires a structured approach. It’s a decision that can significantly impact the efficacy of your partner programs. And, as a result, the success of your partnerships.


In a world where the pace of business is ever-accelerating. Efficient & effective partnerships have become crucial indicators of success.

From Microsoft to Zoom, leading companies have leveraged its power to drive substantial business outcomes.

Equipping your partners through a well-structured LMS not only enhances their proficiency. But also contributes to your business’s growth and competitiveness.

Finally, embracing an LMS for partner training is not just a technological upgrade. It’s a strategic investment into the core of your business relationships.

FAQs on Partner Training Software

1.How does a partner training learning management system benefit the entire business?

It ensures consistent brand representation across all channels. Thereby enhancing the brand’s image and market position. It also leads to increased sales and improved market reach while standardizing customer experiences.

2.How does an LMS enhance partner performance?

An LMS provides partners with immediate access to up-to-date learning materials. Besides essential product training & updates & compliance requirements. This ensures that all partners are equipped with the latest information & skills. Hence, enabling them to effectively enhance customer satisfaction, engage them and drive sales.

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