10 Best LMS with Zoom Integration & Video Conferencing in 2024

With the boom of virtual classrooms amidst the shifting dynamics of education. The need for an LMS seamlessly integrated with video conferencing tools like Zoom becomes apparent.

Today, mastering virtual classrooms can sometimes feel challenging. But this guide on the best LMS with Zoom integration aims to simplify the entire process.

In this guide, we’ll dive in depth to explore all about this integration.

What is Zoom?

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform. It allows users to host virtual meetings when in-person meetings aren’t possible.

It’s widely used to host webinars, video conferencing, online meetings. And even for online training or instruction.

What is Zoom LMS Integration?

What is Zoom LMS Integration?

Zoom LMS integration refers to the combination of the video conferencing platform. With a learning management system.

By integrating the Zoom platform with an LMS. Educational institutions & other businesses can streamline the entire course delivery and management.

With a single click, the scheduled online session on Zoom platform can reflect on the Google Calendar of the learner. Hence, ensuring no student misses out on schedule.

11 Key Benefits of an LMS with Zoom Integration

An LMS with Zoom integration offers a cohesive & comprehensive platform. For both learners & trainers alike. It improves the entire learning path.

The following table lists down the 11 key benefits of this video conferencing integration with an LMS.

11 Key Benefits of an LMS with Zoom Integration

Since we talked about being cost-effective. Read how using Edmingle for your online training programs helps reduce your operational cost by 20%.

In short, an LMS with Zoom integration results in a richer, more engaging & efficient online learning experience.

10 Best LMS with Zoom Integration of 2024

10 Best LMS with Zoom Integration of 2024

In the growing landscape of e-learning, the synergy between platforms is important. It can make a world of difference.

So here we spotlight the 10 best LMS with Zoom integration in 2024.


A versatile platform, Edmingle offers an array of features & integrations. It comes with Deep Zoom Integration and removes the need for repetitive tasks like sharing online class links manually.

It’s highlight features include multiple batch & branch management, exceptional customer support and 100% white-labelling. Apart from being highly scalable & flexible.


Primarily catering to corporate/employee training, TalentLMS ensures conducting of  seamless training sessions.

3.Mindscroll LMS

Mindscroll LMS integrates with Zoom to offer a comprehensive learning solution. Thereby fostering better user engagement and interaction.


Canvas stands out with its user-friendly interface and robust features. When combined with Zoom enhances the overall learner engagement level and comprehension.


Being an open-source platform, Moodle offers great flexibility. By integrating Zoom, it adds the capability of live interactions.

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360Learning offers integration with Zoom to enhance the virtual classroom experience for learners. All within its collaborative learning platform.


Schoology, a popular LMS for K-12 & higher education institutions. Integrates with Zoom to support remote training/learning. Hence allowing for a smoother transition.

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Sibme is an LMS for professional development and coaching. Its integration with Zoom allows for real-time coaching sessions, workshops, and webinars.

9.Blackboard Learn

A leader in the e-learning sector, Blackboard has been serving educational institutions for years. A Zoom integration further enhances the platform’s versatility.

10.Absorb LMS

A platform with a modern and intuitive user interface, Absorb LMS focuses on creating an engaging virtual environment. With Zoom, it elevates the overall training experience.

In summary, every LMS platform has something unique to offer. And choosing the best for you out of these, requires a close alignment with your needs & learning objective.

Summary on Best LMS with Video Conferencing

In conclusion, the integration of Zoom with an LMS bridges the gap between traditional classroom & the digital learning. Amidst the growing world of online teaching.

As we explored the seamless blend of Zoom’s robust video conferencing capabilities. With the dynamic & versatile nature learning management systems.

We uncovered that the world of education needs to go beyond physical boundaries. In order to offer a seamless learning environment.

And the answer to the best LMS with Zoom integration lies in your specific needs & goals.

FAQs on Zoom LMS Integration

1.Is training compliant with WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards possible with Zoom integration?

Yes, many LMS platforms integrated with Zoom prioritize e-learning accessibility and adhere to standards like WCAG 2.0. However, it’s essential to check with your specific LMS provider to ensure they cater to learners with disabilities.

2.Does adding Zoom to an LMS come with extra charges?

While Zoom itself comes with its own pricing plans, integrating it with an LMS may or may not involve additional costs. Some LMS platforms offer the integration as a part of their package. While others might charge extra. It’s advisable to discuss this with your LMS provider for clarity.

3.How can you maintain a secure educational setting with Zoom and an LMS?

Both Zoom and LMS providers prioritize security. When combined, it becomes a powerful blend. However, it’s advised to regularly update the software and be informed about best practices.

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