McGraw Hill Edge: Competitive Exam Preparation in India

We’re thrilled to share the exciting news about our collaboration with the global leader, McGraw Hill Education.

In July 2023, McGraw Hill unveiled their latest digital educational offering in India. The McGraw Hill Edge. And we at Edmingle are proud to have been an integral part of this endeavor.

McGraw Hill Edge is a revolutionary digital learning solution. Aimed at helping students excel in competitive exams such as CAT, UPSC, CTET, JEE, and NEET.

In this article, we’ll explore more about this brand new e-learning platform. And our association with McGraw Hill.

Introducing McGraw Hill Edge

Developed in partnership with Edmingle. Edge is McGrawHill’s e-learning platform. It equips students with the necessary expert guidance and learning materials. To prepare effectively for these challenging exams.

We are excited to share that in the short span since its introduction. More than 8,000 learners have already signed up on the digital platform.

Recognition for Success

Recognition for Success

The success of McGraw Hill Edge’s launch was acknowledged by Dr. Lalit Singh, Managing Director. And Pranay Neema, Senior Manager of Strategy & Products at McGraw Hill.

They visited our office to congratulate our team. For the swift and efficient delivery of the LMS platform.

Particularly pleased with our commitment to meeting development timelines. They expressed their satisfaction with the positive response that McGraw Hill Edge has received. Mainly from the UPSC Civil Services and CAT test prep communities in India.

Edmingle’s Cutting-Edge Contribution

Edmingle's Cutting-Edge Contribution

Edmingle is a trailblazing all-in-one SaaS LMS platform for course creation, delivery and management. It played a pivotal role in bringing McGraw Hill Edge to life.

Our platform boasts a range of advanced features that enhance the learning experience. And deliver courses more effectively.

Some of the key advantages of Edmingle include:

  • 24/7 On-the-Go Learning: Access to training modules anytime, anywhere.

  • Deep Zoom Integration: Enhanced engagement and seamless access.

  • Unlimited Learners: Scalability & flexibility with integrated features like custom emails, push notifications & free previews.

  • Automated Digital Certification: Streamlined certification process.

  • APIs and SDKs: Integration capabilities for existing websites and applications.

Word from the Leaders of McGraw Hill India

Word from the Leaders of McGraw Hill India

Dr. Lalit Singh, MD of McGraw Hill India, highlighted the reason behind selecting Edmingle as the platform. For McGraw Hill Edge.

He emphasized how Edmingle seamlessly integrates various tools. In order to enhance user engagement and personalize learning paths.

Gaurav Doshi, the CEO of Edmingle, conveyed his appreciation to McGrawHill. For their confidence in a product that’s made in India.

He quoted that Edmingle is designed as an all-encompassing solution. Enabling businesses to deliver widespread programs while maintaining data security & essential features.

Edmingle’s Impact on Education

Edmingle's Impact on Education

Trusted by renowned names like MIT SDE, Chegg, LawSikho, FITTR, and more. Edmingle is proving its supremacy in the industry by adapting to the ever-changing needs.

Our partnership with McGraw Hill is another accolade we can be proud of.

Further showcasing our dedication. Towards making a substantial impact on the worldwide educational industry.

Empowering Educators & Institutions

Edmingle goes beyond being a mere digital platform. It stands as a potent instrument. One that enables educators and organizations to create, oversee & expand their online learning projects.

With features like effortless course administration & efficient communication avenues. We present a comprehensive answer for facilitating smooth online education.

For more details and to explore the platform, visit: Edmingle Demo.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the world of EdTech and digital learning with us!

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