12 Simple Steps to Create & Sell Your Online Course

1. Choose A Course Topic You're Passionate About.

2. Research & Validate Your Idea From Your Target Audience.

3. Set Clear Learning Objectives & Create Content Accordingly.

4. Outline Your Course & Break It Down Into Sections.

5. Create Engaging Content With Interactive Elements.

6. Invest in Quality Equipment like Camera, Microphone & Backdrop.

7. Choose the Right Platform to Host Your Course, an LMS or a course selling platform.

8. Price Your Course Thoughtfully. Research & find a competitive price point.

9. Create a Marketing Plan. Start on social media, offer early bird discounts or a free mini-course.

10. Offer your course for free to a few people people & use their testimonials in your marketing.

11. Promote your course’s launch date everywhere — social media, email, blogs, podcasts.

12. After launching, your job isn’t over. Engage with your students, answer their queries, and take feedback.

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