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The world of edtech can be both exciting and challenging; especially with multiple batches and locations. Such scenarios require an efficient & organized management of operations.

Most LMSs, with their centralized nature, can ease this pressing challenge of training businesses trying to scale. But not entirely solve it.

With this in mind, Edmingle’s multi batch and branch management system was designed. In sync with the unique needs of educational institutions and skill development centers.

In this article, we dive in depth to explore more about this feature. And how it’s streamlining operations while enhancing the learning journey for learners across the globe. 

Multi Batch and Branch Management in the Current LMS Landscape

Batch and Branch Management in the Current LMS Landscape

In the current LMS, the scope of batch and branch management features is broad and sophisticated.

While multi batch management feature is available with many LMS platforms. Edmingle stands apart with its multi branch management system.

Batch Management: It focuses on organizing learners into specific groups or classes and is often based on criteria. Such as course type, skill level or enrollment period. Learning management systems that offer this functionality often provide tools for scheduling, tracking and delivering content tailored to each batch’s needs. This facilitates differentiated learning while allowing instructors to manage multiple groups with ease.

Branch Management: This is particularly relevant for organizations with multiple locations or departments. It helps in decentralizing control while maintaining overall coherence in learning objectives & quality. This includes customizing curriculum and managing user access based on location. It also helps in generating reports at both; local & global levels. It ensures the regulatory requirements of each branch.

The integration of these features into LMS platforms aids in the automation of administrative tasks. While also supporting data-driven decision-making through comprehensive reporting tools . It also enhances the learning experience by making content relevant & accessible to all.

Need for Multiple Batch and Branch Management for Training Businesses

Need for Multi Batch and Branch Management for Training Businesses

At the heart of every educational organization is a desire. To deliver high-quality, accessible and engaging learning experiences.

But there comes a roadblock when organizations begin to scale & expand. Especially in the form of multiple learner batches and branches/locations.

The challenges of managing multiple batches and branches are universal. Thus, the need for a robust system arises from these complexities.

Majorly associated with scaling and efficiently operating such enterprises, these can be broadly categorized as:

  • Hampered Growth and Flexibility: Edtech and skill development businesses often need to scale operations up or down based on demand. This includes multiple classes or groups of learners. Without a proper centralized system in place, operations can get messy and tangled thereby, affecting growth. Read about Edmingle’s scalability and flexibility.

  • Unable to Serve Diverse Learning Needs: Learners come with diverse needs, preferences and backgrounds. A multiple batch management feature can facilitate the delivery of personalized learning content to learners. Without the hassle of manually recalling learner segments.

  • Limitation on Geographical Expansion: As training businesses grow, they often expand to multiple locations or branches. Suppose your business is based in New Delhi, India and you need to open up a new branch in Chennai. Managing branches across geographies can become challenging if you don’t have a centralized dashboard. And if you have multiple batches under those branches, handling operations can get really difficult.

  • Poor Resource Utilization: Efficient use of resources like trainers and materials is important for the sustainability of these businesses. But for an organization catering to a vast learner base from multiple branches, resources can often go overutilized. Thus increasing the OpEx (operational expenses). Read about how Edmingle helps reduce your operational cost by 20%.

  • Affected Administrative Efficiency: Managing batches and branches introduces administrative complexities. Mostly related to scheduling, registration, attendance tracking, and performance monitoring. This often brings in the need to use multiple tools. This gradually hampers productivity and can deviate the focus from creating engaging content.

  • Gaps in Data Analysis: Collecting and analyzing data from multiple batches and branches can be hectic. Especially in today’s diverse & data-rich world. Missing out on robust data analytics can hamper your business’s potential in the long run.

  • Problems in Maintaining Quality and Standards: With scale comes problems; improvised ones. Simple things like ensuring consistent quality of training becomes challenging. This is vital for maintaining the reputation and effectiveness of the training programs. But without a proper system in place, things can soon go off-the-tracks.

  • Impacted Compliance and Reporting: Training businesses often need to comply with various regulatory requirements and standards. Apart from this, they need to cater to a diverse range of learners; monitoring their progress & rewarding them. This calls for a robust management system to ensure compliance and real-time feedback. Also read about the power of feedback in e-learning.

Edmingle understands these challenges and has crafted a system that not only meets these needs but also exceeds them. Let’s know more about the Edmingle multi batch and branch management feature.

Multi Batch and Branch Management for EdTech & Skill Development Businesses

Edmingle Multi Batch and Branch Management for EdTech & Skill Development Businesses

Now that we are well-versed with the challenges that organizations face while scaling from scratch to success. We’ll now explore how Edmingle, a robust SaaS LMS platform, solves it for them seamlessly.

From scheduling classes across different time zones. To gathering real-time data from every learner batch and training location. Every hurdle is eliminated with our robust platform. Furthermore ensuring consistent quality and experience for every learner.

“Edmingle steps in to transform complexity into simplicity and chaos into order.” Here’s how we do so:

1.Edmingle’s Multiple Batch Management Feature

Imagine scheduling multiple classes or training sessions simultaneously to cater to different groups of learners at various times.

Well, it’s no more just a dream; but a reality. With a robust multi batch management system, flexibility and resource utilization are maximized.

It also helps create tailored training experiences. As learner batches can now be formed based on skill levels, learning objectives or preferred learning modes (offline, online or hybrid).

In short, this feature doesn’t just make the process seamless and streamlined. But also enhances learner satisfaction and success.

2.Edmingle’s Multiple Branch Management Feature

Wouldn’t it be great if you could maintain consistency in training quality and operations across all locations? 

That’s exactly what Edmingle enables you with! Having a centralized oversight of all the data you need. From learner/course progress and performance to fee & personnel management.

Challenges: Solved

Challenges: Solved

With both features coming as default in all our plans, most of the challenges we discussed in the previous section are eliminated from the picture. Thereby, setting a strong foundation for scaling your edtech and skill development business.

The below table showcases the aspects addressed and the impact created.

  1. Resource Allocation: This blend of features helps allocate resources effectively. Thus, ensuring that they are utilized at optimal levels across all batches and locations.

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Such an integrated management system streamlines training/learning processes. While also reducing administrative burdens & improving operational efficiency.

  1. Data-Driven Decisions: Data provides valuable insights into business performance, learner satisfaction and market trends. This data-driven approach supports informed decision-making. Thereby, helping to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

  1. Standardized Learning: This centralized management of multiple locations and learner batches helps in standardizing curriculum. And furthermore, teaching methods and assessment strategies. Hence, ensuring that all learners receive a high-quality education. Regardless of their batch or branch segmentation.

  1. Seamless Compliance and Reporting: Such a robust system ensures stronger compliance and accurate reporting. This includes tracking attendance and maintaining records. While also ensuring that programs meet necessary accreditation standards.

In a nutshell, such a system addresses all the challenges, and more, that edtech and skill development businesses face.

Real-World Testimonials on Edmingle Multi Batch and Branch Management

Real-World Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our clients who actively use this feature to deliver seamless training/learning experiences to their learners:

  • Client A: A pioneer in fitness education, this client manages multiple learner batches seamlessly. To serve about 50,000 learners enrolled throughout 60+ courses and over 2,000 certified fitness professionals.

  • Client B: A premier and well known university providing online distance learning postgraduate programs. Makes use of the multiple batch system to cater to its 15000+ learners under 200+ courses. In a recent conversation, they mentioned enhanced efficiency of course delivery, operations & overall management.

  • Client C: Effectively utilizing the multi batch and branch management system to cater to its around 800 learners from 3 branches. Enrolled under 16 batches & being trained by 5 trainer accounts. They also highlight quick resolution of queries via our exceptional customer support and service.

  • Client D: Commends the efficiency brought in by our robust batch and branch management system. For about 500 learners across 2 branches & 4 batches.


In conclusion, Edmingle’s multi-batch and branch management system reveals a transformative approach. Tailored for the evolving needs of EdTech and skill development businesses.

The challenges of scaling operations, managing diverse learning needs & scaling have been solved. Thereby, setting it apart in the LMS landscape.

It has also addressed critical issues such as resource allocation, administrative efficiency & data-driven decision-making. Hence, making education accessible, relevant and tailored to the needs of learners.

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