Best EdTech and Skill Development Company of the Year: Edmingle wins the ET Now Leaders of Tomorrow!

New Delhi [India], January 12: Edmingle (Ascorb Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) has been honored with the best edtech and skill development company of the year under the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow Award’ by ET NOW presented by IDFC FIRST BANK in the 11th Season of the awards at the Taj Palace here on Friday.

With special thanks to Shri Piyush Goyal for the recognition and the entire Team Edmingle for their unwavering commitment, Edmingle’s CEO, Gaurav Doshi, quoted:

“The world today is looking at Bharat as the workforce capital. And in this scenario, it becomes extremely important to train and develop our workforce with the latest digital, IT, social and entrepreneurial skills to bridge the existing skill gaps.

Edmingle is proud to be at the center of this ecosystem; empowering training academies and organizations to take up the massive challenge of upskilling and reskilling. This award belongs to every innovator, educator & learner in the e-learning/training community who is focused on building a future filled with learning and leading in education.

I’m thankful to our amazing team and the entire Edmingle community for making this dream a reality. This award is a huge milestone for us to set new educational standards and make learning accessible to everyone. We’re looking forward to many more years of innovation and success!”

Edmingle wins the ET Now Leaders of Tomorrow

Left to Right: Gaurav Doshi (Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder), Harshit Sharaff (Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder), Prashant Agarwal (Chief Growth Officer & Co-founder).

Best EdTech and Skill Development Company of the Year: Edmingle

Edmingle is a SaaS LMS (cloud-based LMS) provider with a robust platform, features & functionalities; all focused on delivering the best quality of learning possible. It’s not just a learning management system but an entire ecosystem of building, managing & scaling training business operations & course delivery with absolutely zero hassles.

Some key highlights about Edmingle that set it apart from other players in the niche are:

  1. A mindset focused on enhancing the customer & user experience; for both training providers and learners alike.
  2. Strong tracking, reporting & analytical features for important learning and operational metrics accessible from a single dashboard.
  3. Equipping training & e-learning businesses with a robust platform & valuable tools to help impart their expertise seamlessly while offering a world-class learning experience.

Edmingle was launched in 2016. Throughout its journey of 7 years, it positioned itself as a platform for training businesses focused on upskilling, reskilling & democratizing the educational landscape.

Ahead of its time, the founding team had a long-term vision for improving the future of e-learning. When the Indian market wasn’t ready to use a learning management system for their course delivery.

The speakers at the event imparted the wisdom of the trendsetters of their own times. This list included dignitaries like Shri Piyush Goyal (Minister of Textiles, Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India) and V. Vaidyanathan (Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, IDFC FIRST Bank). 

ET Leaders of Tomorrow

This award comes at a time when Edmingle has been ranked in one of the top learning management system software by Capterra and rated the #1 best LMS of 2024 by SoftwareSuggest.

The platform has emerged as an industry leader with its benchmark features like multi-batch & branch management, 100% white-labelling, exceptional customer support & service, ease of use, scalability & flexibility and thorough ownership of content and data among various others. Serving above 2 million learners across 160+ countries, the platform has witnessed a daily active user surge of 44% in the year 2023.

If you wish to know more about Edmingle’s offerings, you may check our website or Book a Free Demo as per your schedule or Email us at [email protected].

Looking forward to many more years of making learning engaging & accessible for all.

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